Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone unveiled major changes
to her dysfunctional department DIMIA last year – 26 grand’s worth of
coffee mugs, water bottles, banners, screen savers and security pass
holders featuring a new department slogan, “People are our business.”

We await with trepidation to see if Vanstone’s reforms actually include
making sure that DIMIA handles its business correctly – that ill people
aren’t deported or shoved behind razor wire because of bungling
bureaucrats with a culture of cover up that the current minister and her predecessor, Philip
Ruddock, seem to have tolerated. Tolerated until it became news.

This billet doux from DIMIA’s new spin doctor Sandi Logan seems to fit
in with Vanstone’s changes. It’s a polite way of saying hullo – and
that DIMIA droogs will continue to hide behind the “privacy” of their
victims until media pressure becomes unbearable.