It is bad enough that The Age is still running its abbreviated
business section on the back of the main part of the paper during the
summer slowdown, but this morning’s effort in re-publishing a story
that was literally more than a month old is just not good enough.

Tabcorp told the ASX it was pulling out of the tender to build Singapore’s first casino on 8 December and then PBL announced its withdrawal on 3 January. So how on earth can The Age publish a story on page 18 today which begins as follows?:

PBL won’t gamble on Singapore
By Colin Kruger, Sydney
January 12

The Packer family’s Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd is expected to announce
as early as next week that it will not bid for the casino resort being proposed
for Singapore’s Sentosa Island.

Yesterday, Tabcorp revealed it would not bid for the Sentosa project and it
is believed that an announcement by PBL and its Asian venture partner, Stanley
Ho’s Melco International, will be made once the partners meet and formally agree
to abandon the project.

The clowns have even put it on their website today as if the story is new. Bet it won’t be there by 3pm this afternoon.

At least The Australian is producing some fresh Packer material with John Lehmann’s story
today about some executive shuffling at Consolidated Press last year.
However, the big issue is future executive changes when James Packer
presumably has a free hand to deal with a few old MOKs (mate of
Kerry) who aren’t MOJs (mate of James).

The likes of Sam Chisholm, Graham Richardson and even The Bulletin’s
tired old speculator columnist David Haselhurst fit into this category.
Then, of course, there is Julie Trethowan, which is a tricky situation
to say the least.