The AFR yesterday gave us another name for the Crikey
Revised Wealth (CRW) list, which now includes more than 100 people who we
reckon are worth more than $110 million but have been missed by the BRW Rich List. The latest entry reads as follows:

Fitzgibbon family: Sold two Brisbane hotels in January 2006 for
$65 million to Tom Hedley, suggesting their remaining stable of pubs would put
them over the $110 million cut-off, although you never can be sure with
debt and taxes.

I’ll be spending three days with BRW Rich List editor
Robert Skeffington at a conference retreat in early February so it will
be interesting to swap notes. The 2006 BRW Rich List will be
out in May and I’m tipping that at least ten of our names will make
their debut. With the remarkable surge in market values over the past
year, it wouldn’t surprise if BRW lifts their cut off from $110 million to at least $120 million this year.

The CRW list has proved one of our most interesting lists as in 2005 it rated as
our 36th most popular story with a very healthy 24,125 visits, which is not surprising given that the BRW
Rich List is easily the magazine’s biggest seller each year. No doubt
many of the CRW visits came from those on the list, or the friends,
family and work
colleagues. We’re refining it all the time so why not take the time to
go through the full list and then send through some feedback to
[email protected]

There are probably at least another 100 names who should be there but
the challenge is finding them and for that we very much rely on great
intelligence from the 34,000-strong Crikey Army.