For Christian Kerr to write about the need for objective reporting on
environmentalists’ activities and then quote Jennifer Marohasy as a reliable source is unbelievable.

To call Ms Marohasy an “environmental” blogger is hilarious! Ms Marahasy works for the hard right-wing Institute of Public Affairs .
She is a well known ANTI-environmentalist who believes that the health
of the Murray River has not been in decline, that logging old growth
forests can actually save them and that threats to the Great Barrier Reef are exaggerated.

For Crikey to quote her on two consecutive days as a credible source –
while not disclosing her associations – is not only misleading, but
journalism of the worst kind.

But I have realised that even the stridently anti-Green Mr Kerr
wouldn’t sink that low and that he is just trying to wind me up again,
but perhaps not everyone will understand the joke.

Christian Kerr writes:

Ben Oquist hasn’t dealt with my main point. Instead, he has chosen to
shoot the messenger – a rather amusing response to a story that asks
are we getting objective, unfiltered news from the Antarctic whaling