Crikey is reliably informed that Macquarie Bank is currently running a
tender for 1000 vehicles to have GPS installed. Freight giants such as
Toll and Linfox now have GPS in all of their trucks so they can keep an
eye on their staff and even track which gear they are in, but why would
Macquarie want 1000 systems?

Sure, most luxury cars have GPS as a security measure that allows the
police to track a stolen vehicle and trigger the immobiliser when it
suits to catch the thief. Pin-striped bankers are not known for jumping
in their convertible sports cars and malingering. Then again, Macquarie
probably has the biggest fleet of luxury cars for its burgeoning and
wealthy workforce, but why would the Millionaire Factory go to
the trouble of looking after this from a corporate perspective?

Maybe the tender is part of some sort of infrastructure deal involving
buses, trains or airports. Or could it be connected to the world’s
biggest tollroad empire which is housed inside Macquarie Infrastructure

And speaking of security, we also hear that the big four banks have got
together to outsource all their cash handling facilities to one
provider. Linfox is considered a leading contender but it should be
pointed out that banks move around a lot less cash these days with
reduced branches and the dramatic increase in electronic transactions.

Poker machine venues often provide a more lucrative target for banks
because of the cash they accumulate, although even they are
increasingly moving to card-based credit systems.