Saw Christian Kerr’s article and he made some good
points. In response to your article I would like to
say that we do have some independent journalists onboard. I can’t speak for Greenpeace. I don’t know if
they do or not.

On board we have:

Peter Heller – National Geographic
Paul Taggart – World Picture News
Pawel Achtel and George Evart – Channel 7
Mathieu Mauvernay – Film maker from Paris,
Emily Hunter – City TV, Toronto
Ron Colby – Independent film maker and television
producer from Los Angeles.

I do write for TheNew
Zealand Herald
and I have done so for three years and on other issues besides
whaling. I write opinion pieces.

think I can explain the Greenpeace Arctic Sunrise and Nisshin Maru
incident. We were approaching the Nisshin Maru as it was transferring
whale meat to the Oriental Bluebird. When the Nisshin Maru saw us
approaching from a few miles off they began to disengage from the
supply ship. They let go the mooring lines and began to move away. As
they did so they collided with the Arctic Sunrise.

The Nisshin Maru
then did what it always does each time we arrive – it began to run. It
is still running westward. We do not have the speed to stay with the
Nisshin Maru so we must rely on waiting until they slow down to process
whales. We then catch up and ambush them. We have intercepted them
three times and they have fled each time we arrived. Was the ramming of
the Arctic Sunrise deliberate? Maybe, but from our point of view it
appeared to be an accident.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has not
denied our deliberate side swiping of the Oriental Bluebird. The whalers are in
blatant violation of international conservation law. We are not down here to
protest them. We are here to shut them down in accordance with international
conservation law.