Yesterday we asked: why is News Ltd beating up on greenie Waverley mayor Mora Maine? OK, she may be a nutter and a pain in the backside, but this is local government, not the UN, hardly deserving of this page three treatment in Saturday’s Murdoch flagship, surely?

Not to mention the hammering she’s been getting from Murdoch’s little paper. Last week the Daily Telelabelled her and her council “the latest byword for abject idiocy.”

No doubt some of the locals share the views of the Tele and The Oz about some of the odd policies emanating from Waverley. And there are some quite prominent, and well-connected residents in the area – some of whom are doing business with the council as we speak.

What is intriguing is that the Murdoch press has ramped up a campaign against this particular local council at the very time that a Mr Lachlan Murdoch and a Mrs Sarah Murdoch have lodged a Development Application to be assessed by the council for $100,000 of work on their Bronte Road home.

You can find the Murdoch DA, lodged on November 23, on the Waverley council website here. We wish Lachlan and Sarah the Best of British in getting approval for their new balcony – we’re sure they’ll get a sympathetic hearing from their friends on council.