What a petulant lad that Shane Warne is. After his former wife Simone gave a paid interview to New Idea
in which it was suggested she would get $10 million in a divorce settlement, the leg spinner decided to bowl up this interview for the widest possible
audience, News Ltd’s Sunday papers across the country.

The result was millions of Australians being told that Warnie might
give up cricket to spend more time with his kids. The key lines were as

“If they (the kids) start to get affected, then everything will stop,”
the Australian Test spin ace told the (insert News Ltd title). “I’d have to stop everything.”

Warne, 36, yesterday flew back to Melbourne from Sydney, where he played in
the third Test against South Africa, to spend “dad-time” with his children –
Brooke, 8, Jackson, 6, and Summer, 3.
Friends said Warne was furious his private life had again been made public by
his wife, Simone, commenting on their split in a paid interview with a magazine.

Talk about a shot across the bows. That’s called rejecting a request
for $10 million and publicly threatening to dramatically reduce your
earning power by quitting your job if you don’t get access to your kids.

Simone would then face the public odium of being the greedy wife who
drove poor Shane out of test cricket. Oh dear, sounds like Warnie is
knuckling down for a fight and Simone’s idea that he can somehow stay
in the house as a “flatmate” when in town isn’t looking too flash

Warnie would be earning $2-3 million a year including endorsements so
he can easily afford a big settlement but a judge would be most
unlikely to give Simone $10 million.

The New Idea interview generated some interesting follow-ups including a ridiculous story on Today Tonight
about celebrity break-ups. The program claimed Kate Fisher got $10
million out of James Packer when she has publicly rejected this notion.

Similarly, it claimed Rupert Murdoch paid Anna Murdoch $2.3 billion when the real figure was about 10% of that. Strangely, Today Tonight declined to report how much Kerry Stokes has paid out in divorce settlements from his three failed marriages.