Queenslanders appear to be severely under-represented on both the BRW Rich List and our very own CRW
(Crikey Revised Wealth) List, but today we’ve got three new names and
we’re hunting for more. The first is a no-brainer after a recent float
but the other two may require some further examination to prove they’re
worth more than the $110 million cut-off.

The 2006 BRW
Rich List will be out in May and we’ll be fascinated to see how many of
our 100-plus names they include this year. We’ll be buffing and
polishing our list over the next few months so send your suggestions to
[email protected]

Brett Pointon: the founder of Brisbane-based serviced apartments manager Oaks Hotels & Resorts
has just raised $30 million in a public float but retained a
controlling stake in a business which is capitalised at $180 million
after the $1 shares quickly shot up to almost $1.40.

McGuire family:

nothing to do with Eddie but they own a string of pubs in South East
Queensland such as the Paddo and the Colmslie. A booming economy and
poker machines have been good to the family which only ever scores
limited media mentions such as the following in TheCourier-Mail in 2000: “Earlier in the week a mad mob gathered at the Paddo for the annual McGuire family drinkathon
which was, as usual, declared a ‘what goes on tour stays on tour’
adventure. Jim, Tom and Richard McGuire entertained the new Deputy
Premier Terry Mackenroth, golfer Jack Newton, ex-Broncos Terry
Matterson and Mark Hohn, along with Jane Deery.”

Trevor Lee:
owner of Australian Country Choice, a booming meat company based in
South East Queensland. Again, Lee has a very low profile and apart from
appearing on Ron Boswell’s website,
he did make it into The Courier-Mail way back in April 1999 after his
fashion designer wife Keri Craig was dragged into a court dispute with
Lee’s former meat partner, Michael Brown.