Whale of a time: Greenpeace has accused
the Japanese whaling vessel Nisshin Maru of deliberately ramming its
boat, the Arctic Sunrise, in the Southern Ocean before steaming off at
high speed – but did they? Who hit whom? Environmental blogger
Jennifer Marohasy has some interesting photos and video at her site.

Party shut down: The Tasmanian Australian Democrats were deregistered
last week by the State Electoral Commission for failing to show that
they have at least 100 members. Meanwhile, news reaches us on a summer
breeze that the federal party will be watching closely to see if their
MLC Kate Reynolds survives the March SA poll. The state is seen as the
Democrats’ last chance – head office has decamped there – but if
Reynolds goes, hardheads say, the party’s over.

Victorian Labor’s busy year:
Federal preselections and a state
poll! The Victorian ALP will be very, very busy this year. As a warm
up, MLC and ethnic branch stacker Sand Nguyen has been thrown to the wolves
and an all star line-up with Simon Crean topping the bill and including
factional favourites including Ann Corcoran in Isaacs, Alan Griffin in
Bruce, Harry Jenkins in Scullin, Gavan O’Connor in Corio, Bob Sercombe
in Maribyrnong and Calwell’s Maria Vamvakinou will be dancing. You
know. Dancing the way people dance in old gangster films to avoid

Great Australians: The highlight of the Australia Day
entertainment in the National Capital this year? Kiwi yob Russell Crowe
and his latest musical venture, according to the Canberra Times. But don’t worry, folks. Big Brother‘s Gretel Killeen and Australian Idol presenters James Mathison and Andrew G are hosting the event. It’s gonna be rooly, rooly classy.