The latest Morgan Poll measuring federal voting intention is in and Labor’s taken
a slight hit after a promising rise over recent weeks, with both
Labor and the Coalition now sitting neck and neck on 39.5% of the
primary vote. But the Morgan Poll results suggest Beazley’s boys would still
win if a federal election were held in late December, with Labor
holding a four point lead over the Coalition after preferences were
distributed (48% to 52%).

And the news just keeps on getting better for Stephen Fielding’s Family
First, who, after steering Howard’s VSU legislation through the Senate,
has seen his party’s primary vote jump 0.5% to 3%, doubling the poor
Dems primary vote, which fell 0.5 to a meagre 1.5%, and making Family
First the minor party of choice after the Greens (10.5%).

Gary Morgan said the drop in Labor’s support is, in part, due to the IR
and VSU bills passing through parliament, which suggests the electorate
may have finally realised that Labor’s role has been relegated to
ranting and raving over dubious Coalition board appointments, and not
much else.

And Labor may be leading the two-party preferred, but no one in their
right mind thinks they can win the next election, with 58% (up 3.5%) of
people believing the Coalition will take out the next election and only
28% (down 5%) backing poor old Labor.