Christian Kerr writes:

Bill Heffernan is backing Ron Boswell, the Courier Mail reports today . Boz must be delighted.

Queensland agrarian socialists tend to mistrust book-learnin’, but the Barnyard boys should really look at the history of the American Party. It degenerated into Tammany Hall. Joh’s Kingaroy Tammany is just the starting point for the Queensland Nationals.

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That means today’s Courier Mail contains no surprises:

Senator Boswell’s critics were last night confident he
would not have the numbers to win a ballot of the party’s 230-member
central council, which will be held next year, probably in March.

It also emerged yesterday that a change in preselection rules could make Senator Boswell’s task more difficult.

confirmed that ballot voters would not be able to exercise multiple
proxy votes on behalf of people unable to attend the preselection

In the bitter pre-selection battle for the 2001 Senate
ticket, Senator Boswell scored well from proxy votes to secure a narrow

The populist hicks, scroungers and bludgers
that dominate the remains of the National Party are looking forward to
February’s Queensland Senate preselection.

Boswell has warned that the fault lines emerging in his party will lead it into the political wilderness, The Australian reports today.
Isn’t it already there? The Nationals are almost as endangered as the
Democrats, looking at their steady decline in parliamentary

The Australian
also blows the whistle on the man who would replace Boswell, Barnyard buddy and former John Anderson and Tim Fischer staffer James Baker:

Aspiring Nationals senator James Baker may be draping
himself in protectionist colours as he seeks to gain support to topple
veteran Queensland senator Ron Boswell.

But when he walked the
corridors of power in Canberra as a Howard government spin doctor, Mr
Baker churned out missives singing the praises of unbridled free trade.

Exactly. Baker perfectly embodies the organised
hypocrisy that is the National Party. No sector of the Australian
economy benefits more from free trade and free markets than our primary

Yet what do the Nats do? They don’t just spend all day sucking on the public teat. They’d like to chew it off.

It’s time to wean this repulsive rump. And if it dies, well, tough t*tties.

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