Crikey reporter Sophie Black writes:

The one shining light of the insufferable non ratings season
is the annual opportunity to snigger at the TV stations’ new promos
the coming year. There’s a perverse enjoyment in watching TV
personalities Ray, Bert, Rove, Kochie and Mel et
al obey their contracts and forfeit their dignity by jigging around in a
cringey montage (with the exception of Channel 7, which this year thought
outside the square by putting a dwarf inside a television suit and
making it dance).

The comfortingly daggy ABC has always opted to go easy on the
cheese and has stuck to their community “Everyone’s ABC” theme for nearly
20 years – but not in 2006. Last night they launched their brand
spanking new ident
– a 60 second animation/montage with a distinctly commercial flavour
that replaces the tagline “Everyone’s ABC” with “There’s more to Television.”

ABC head of marketing
Sue Lester told Crikey, “2006 is our 50th birthday so we thought it was
time to be…more dynamic in our image…It’s about being more courageous and about
standing up and being counted.”

“We thought it was time for us to be making clear to the
public that we’re more than just a TV network,” says Lester. “Our idents have
the community solely, so we thought it was time to say more about ourselves
and our

Lester told Crikey that the ABC New’s tagline “More than the headlines” had
resonated very positively with audiences and focus groups, “so we decided to continue the theme. And the ‘more’ we’re
referring to is not just quantity, it’s quality.”