David Flint writes:

The polls on multiculturalism have
limited utility. Using a word which has a multiplicity of meanings makes the
exercise pointless. And the issue in Sydney, as Miranda Devine demonstrates today,
is not race.

It is the abject failure of the state
government to fulfil its basic function – the provision of law and order. While
they came down hard on drunken vigilantes, and that infinitesimal
minority, white supremacists, they typically gave that convoy of vicious and
dangerous criminals the freedom of the city, to sail through red lights and to
bash, vandalise and terrorise peaceful, law abiding citizens.

Multiculturalism was introduced by US
academics when the only remnant of diversity was in the cuisine, and then often
limited to one plate. In Australia it has been used by
delinquent politicians to pervert immigration criteria to provide electoral
fodder, and then to give criminal ethnic gangs carte blanche to build what is
now the principal source of major crime in this nation.