Alan Bond is back. We know for sure, because Bond yesterday launched defamation action against his hometown paper The West Australian, accusing it of stealing documents.

His move follows the West’s exclusive weekend report,
which included a personal memo in which his London business partner,
Robert Leslie Nelson, described the former billionaire’s reputation as
still “unsalvageable” within the UK.

Today’s West reports
Bond is claiming the paper stole the documents, including the
seven-page Nelson memo, from his Cottesloe home. Bond claims the
documents used in the paper’s reports were, at all times, kept in a
manila folder in his office.

The former bankrupt businessman
last night was granted an interlocutory injunction against the paper
printing or using the documents until 6pm tonight and his lawyers will
be back in the WA Supreme Court at 2.15pm today to seek an interim
injunction to stop publication any time in the near future. The paper’s
editor has denied the documents were stolen and says he’ll fight the
defamation action.

The West’s eye-opening weekend
reports, written by Mark Drummond and Sean Cowan, showed detailed
correspondence between Bond and Nelson and suggested Bond was looking
to quickly make the move back into Australian boardrooms following his
five year disqualification. Although Nelson bluntly warned Bond to stay
out of the public light when dealing with his oil and diamond ventures
because his reputation was still scraping the bottom of the barrel.