No sooner had we buried Tony Abbott than he rises from the grave with a brilliant new plan for the nation’s health system.

the next best thing to a brilliant new plan – rounding up a bunch of
experts to advise him on the best way to exert more control over
health. With the States demanding extra billions to fix their ailing
public facilities, Abbott’s mantra is: “The current arrangement where
the federal Government helps to fund the public hospital system but has
no role in running the system is clearly unsatisfactory.”

And not such a bad idea; from the day Medicare was introduced,
Commonwealth administration of the hospitals was inevitable. It just
takes time for these things to shake out. Whether Tony Abbott is the
minister to oversee that fundamental reform will be decided when the PM
makes his summer reshuffle.

Meanwhile, Tony Abbott’s media advisor, Kate Miranda, has emailed us
inviting subscribers to read the minister’s speech notes for his
address to James Cook medical graduates. We’re delighted to
provide the link – the speech is titled “Against Greed.” Miranda writes:

It’s unfortunate that (the Townsville Bulletin’s) Mary Vernon was offended by Tony’s speech with phrases such as:

‘…it’s not every day that the first graduating class emerges from
Australia’s first regional medical school. For students, tonight is the
culmination of six years of study. For Australia, tonight is an
important milestone in the long struggle to give country people fair
access to health care.’

And: ‘It’s important to remember and to honour the part that
Townsville has played in the development of Australian medicine.’

Given that you have gone to the trouble to attach Mary’s column you
might also include a link to Tony’s speeches that you and your readers
have the chance have a look at what was actually said, rather than rely
on someone’s memory.”

Consider it done, minister.