Michael Pascoe writes:

What is it about pokie machine
manufacturers that they can’t help getting headlines for all the wrong reasons?

While Aristocrat is starring for a massive
CEO payrise, Ainsworth Game Technology heads the list of companies ASIC is
trying to shame
about not giving shareholders a vote on their remuneration
report. OK, it’s just a matter of luck that the list is in alphabetical order, but
Ainsworth is also the best known company among them.

Given all the publicity about the
non-binding votes on executive paypackets, it would be hard for any
half-diligent board to claim ignorance, but the watch puppy is going soft on
the non-conformers, allowing them another year before reaching for its book of

What’s surprising though is that of the 43
listed companies that failed to do the right thing, 26 of them also failed to
do anything to correct their failure when ASIC tapped them on the shoulder
about it.

So ASIC has put out a press release with
the names of those 26. Gee, that will really hurt. Any of this lot in your portfolio?

Ainsworth Game Technology Limited
Atlantic Limited
Biotron Limited
Brainytoys Limited
Bisan Limited
Community Life Limited
Drake Resources Limited
Ebet Limited
Empire Oil & Gas NL
EnviroGold Limited
Eromanga Hydrocarbons NL
Finbar International Limited
Giralia Resources NL
Globe Securities Limited
Ironbark Capital Limited
IFC Capital Limited
Karoon Gas Australia Limited
Murchison Holdings Limited
Phileo Australia Limited
Quest Investments Limited
Reed Resources Limited
Sabina Corporation Limited
Tasman Resources Limited
Transmetro Corporation Limited
Working Systems Solutions Limited
Zelos Resources NL formerly Zinico Resources NL