Our report yesterday on the latest efforts to secure Parliament House
against unauthorised visitors by electors missed an interesting angle:
it appears the bureaucracy is also seeking to crack down on the
lobbyists who infest the People’s House.

Lobbyists who want a permanent parliamentary pass currently need to be
sponsored by two MPs. That’s not going to change, according to Friday’s
memo circulated to MPs by Departmental Secretary Hilary Penfold. But,
as always, the kicker’s in the final par. Writes Penfold: “We are
currently reviewing the feasibility of showing sponsors’ names on
lobbyists passes…”

That’s right, in future, Parliament House dwellers might know exactly which politicians are sponsoring which lobbyists.

We quite like the idea of Dick Honan’s very successful lobbyist Bob
Gordon wearing a pass saying: “Seeking taxpayer concessions for
ethanol, sponsored by Qld Liberal MPs.” Or maybe: “Hawker Britton,
sponsored by the ALP NSW Right – desperately seeking how to win.” Or :
“ACF, sponsored by Bob Brown – no trees died making this plastic
pass.” Or, any Queenslander: “Sponsored by Ron Boswell – Vote 1

The possibilities are delicious, and endless.