Crikey readers have spoken. In what has become a people’s choice award,
we defer to our readers’ political judgement for the final category of
the 2005 Crikey Honour Roll – the sexiest male and female politicians
in Australia.


The winner, hands down, is the ALP senator and former senate leader John Faulkner.
Crikey called the hunk for his reaction, but he declined to comment – although he hinted that the award would cause him
more pain than anything else.

Crikey readers on the winner:

“Those big glasses set the hearts of women aflutter from sea to shining sea. It’s the Clark Kent appeal.” – Sally

course it is John Faulkner … Should have been leader of the ALP and
ultimately Prime Minister! He could even have worn those hideous shirts
and looked great!” – Ann

“John Faulkner is still the
sexiest politician. Nobody else even comes close. He could even give
Paul Keating a run for his money!!!” – Kathleen

“Yes, yes,
yes, yes,and yes it is John Faulkner. The others (males, that is) well,
one supposes they do their best. But there is really no contest here.
Merry Christmas to to all, and especially John Faulkner. He deserves it
for being so gorgeous. No, really, JF is the one pollie I NEVER switch
off. He speaks, I listen (and look).” – Barbara

Crikey readers on other contenders:

“That very modern model of a major Attorney-General, Philip Ruddock. He sets my heart palpitating with:
– his limpid, liquid, liver-lips;
– his silver-sad goldfish eyes;
– his sallow, shallow, mellow cheek-bones;
– his whimsical wit and charismatic charm;
– his polysyllabic poly-babbling patter; and
– his lapelly-suggestive Amnesty badge so redolent of his incessant struggle for human rites (sic, sicer, sicest).
His antiseptic sadness is soooo sensuously sexy.” – Frank

up would be refreshingly straightforward Bob Brown, ONLY cos honesty is
sexy and BS in a pollie is like halitosis in a blind date.” – JBQ

“Still no one to beat Paul Keating I’m afraid.” – Philippa

“Stephen Fielding – you just know that underneath that demeanour is a sexual firecracker ready to explode.” – Jim

Laming, Member for Bowman, QLD…for sure! He has an amazing
humanitarian past and a warm, personable way about him.” – Janine

wife would have to say Christopher Pyne, young, intelligent, a family
man (women just love that quality) he speaks well, is great for
conversation and has compassion. Like a good wine he is maturing with
body and substance” – David

“There is not one person in
parliament with whom I would consider doing the old down-trou over the
hood of an FJ. (This should be a relief to them!) The only (tentative)
exception is Peter Garrett, maybe, but only because he’s a rock-god.” –

“Simon Finn MP, member for Yeerongpilly. I do have an interest though.” – Terri

Bourke: Intelligence,compassion,strategic smarts and a lisp – and great
taste in music– what more could you ask for? Except maybe that he could
add Minister to his list of achievements in what has been a relatively
short amount of time in the public eye. Oh yeah, and he’s tall and
without an ounce of excess fat.” – Victoria


was a much more even contest. Former Democrat leader Senator Natasha
Stott Despoja was just nudged out, and ALP back bencher Kate Ellis also
garnered quite a few votes. But the winner was another ALP beauty – the
member for Lalor, Julia Gillard. Asked by Crikey to comment on her selection, Ms Gillard said she was “getting a laugh” out of it.

Crikey readers on Gillard:

“She’s a hornbag. Anyone who nominates Ripley in Alien as the character she’d most like to play on film gets my vote” – Michael

developed a thing for redheads because of her 🙂 I’ll have to rein
that thing in though; don’t want to wind up her Number One Fan or
anything… Loved the way she dealt with those leadership questions a
month or two ago – all class.” – Tim

“This is a tough one
because there’s some pretty girls in politics if you know where to
look. Obviously Kate Ellis springs to mind. If her looks weren’t enough
just give her maiden speech a read on the APH website. That gets the
blood pumping. Despite that I’m going to have to go with Julia Gillard.
She’s attractive, she’s mature and she’s a redhead. She’s got a tough
shadow portfolio and unlike Kate she gets to front the mic from time to
time to lay the smackdown on the Libs. Now that’s hot!” – Dan

is … lovely but she still seems a bit TOO Young Labour – give here a
few years – but the member for Lalor has my vote every time. Yes JG. A
redhead, witty, intelligent and sexy. What a deadly combo for the
future ALP leader/PM. Stand aside Bomber!” – Nick

“I nominate Julia Gillard sexy looking woman take her to dinner any day or night and watch the sun come up as well.” – John

‘That Voice !’ Gillard is a hot piece of perfumed power, I could look
into her eyes over a bottle or two of champagne. However, I would be
brought back to reality the moment she opened her mouth and heard that
voice.” – Lennie

“Julia Gillard .. she can go on my wonder wall any day :)” – Anonymous

Crikey readers nominate other hotties:

from what some may call the hard Left (if there is such a thing) but my
vote goes for Jacki Kelly (Lib) . PS. don’t tell the comrades I voted
for her!” – Greg

“As far as sexiest goes – HELEN COONAN – she can regulate me any time – and my share price would spring to life.” – Jon

Coonan gets my vote … what a pleasant contrast at Question Time,
full-bodied and very easy on the eye, obviously self-confident – a
mature stunner.” – Barrie

“Without a doubt this inestimable
honour would have to be bestowed upon Senator Vanstone. Her
polka-dotted silk blouses leave naught to the imagination, and her
thunderous bosom quivers fantastically whenever she speaks, indubitably
enriching question time, and indeed democracy itself.” – Ben

to be Bronwyn Bishop by a mile! That flawless complexion drives me wild
… if you appreciate Japanese Noh Theatre make-up, or just imagine
your sweetheart, as if she fell into a full vat of self-raising flour
every morning! A good ‘barometer’ for checking colour balance on your
TV, during ABC TV Parliament. Watch Bronnie!” – Spike

“Sophie Panopoulos, by a street.” – Mark

the brain is considered as the body’s sexiest organ and one were to
make a Hannibalesque meal out of this challenge, my disgusting
degustation menu would read: Dash of Tash for starters, Carmen Creole
for mains and Kreme de la Kate for dessert.” – Jay Walker

“If we
are to be honest, then Senator Natasha Stott Despoja is a heat wave.
She is physically beautiful in every respect. But on top of that she is
intelligent, something that I find most attractive in a woman.” – Ange

she hasn’t had much of a run until lately, Natasha Stott Despoja is
clearly the sexiest pollie getting around at the moment. So articulate,
and right (in a totally left way) and domineering (in the sexiest way)
and just plain hot.” – Mick

“Natasha Stott Despoja: She stalks
her prey [Lyn Allison] like a lioness who is only trying to preserve a
future for her cub. She combines a sense of vulnerability and steely
determination all in one intelligent blond bombshell package. What
could be sexier than a Working Mum who still has ‘it’?” – Victoria

“Nicola Roxon, She has it all. Brains, integrity and looks.” – Chris

“Most certainly Kate Ellis, although on factional grounds I’d probably be forced to say Tanya Plibersek.” – Anonymous

“I’d vote for Kate Ellis, sitting behind Beazley she is definitely a sight for sore eyes!” – Brett