Crikey editor Misha Ketchell writes:

The response to our call for nominations for Australia’s sexiest
politicians has been, er, well, passionate to say the least. And, I
don’t know how to say this, but so far, one of the hottest pollies among Crikey
readers is… Amanda Vanstone.

“Without a doubt this inestimable honour would have to be bestowed upon Senator
Vanstone,” writes Ben Dummet. “Her polka-dotted silk blouses leave naught to the imagination, and her
thunderous bosom quivers fantastically whenever she speaks, indubitably enriching
question time, and indeed democracy itself. What can I say, it must be

“Yes Boss, I know you wanted Sexist, however PC is dead and
buried, and not before time,” writes Jon Longworth. “As far as sexiest goes – HELEN COONAN –
she can regulate me any time – and my share price would spring to

Coonan gets my vote,” says Barrie Rae. “In the last Parliament she
sat behind the PM – what a pleasant contrast at Question Time, full-bodied and very easy
on the eye, obviously self-confident – a mature stunner.”

So far, Julia Gillard is also scoring highly (“Dear Crikey, I nominate Julia Gillard
sexy looking woman take her to dinner any day or night and watch the
sun come up as well”) as are John Anderson, John Faulkner (“a real
thinking women’s crumpet,” says Kathleen) and Peter Garrett, whose attributes one reader numbered off for us:

1. He’s intelligent
2. He has Integrity
3. He’s in touch with people
4. He has a sense of humour
5. He’s articulate
6.He is a great dancer
7.He’s a sexy singer
8. He is a great role model
9. He’s a cool family man
10. He’s a friend of my friend
11. He’s not a Howard lover

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