It’s “pilot” week at the TV networks, with all sorts of potential shows for 2006 being paraded in front of executives.

And word is that a commercial network is working on a pilot that is basically a rip-off of Love Thy Neighbour, but with a Middle Eastern family living next to a white Australian family, in Cronulla.

This show sounds simply hilarious! It’s being touted as “the new Kath & Kim.”

Apparently the pilot’s plotline is that the Middle Eastern family
(which is actually third generation Australian) is getting ready for a
surprise birthday party for the mother, and therefore is smuggling
boxes of drink and streamers and other party needs into the house,
furtively, whenever she isn’t around.

Of course, the white Australian family, intently watching through a gap
in the curtains, see all this furtive activity, do their national duty
and call Howard’s Anti-Terrorism Hotline to report suspicious activity.
The bulk of the Middle Eastern family is dragged off by the Terrorism
SOG for 90 days’ incarceration, and ruthless interrogation, without
charges being laid.

The white family celebrates by phoning Alan Jones,
to tell him how much they love his show. Along the way, they mention
the incident. The only one not arrested is the mother, who is forced to celebrate her
birthday alone, unable to go outside the boarded-up house because of
the 5,000 strong crowd wearing “We grew here, you flew here” T-shirts.

Casting depends on Eric Bana’s availability after Munich and Shane Bourne’s calendar.

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