The AFL’s TV rights battle gets interesting: With the
Nine-Foxtel consortium set to rain money down on AFL officials like
confetti, it will be fascinating to see whether Andrew Demetriou and co
can resist the estimated $15 million per year in straight cash to
ensure better coverage in NSW and Queensland, as promised by the
Seven-Ten partnership. If the League goes for the money, knowing Nine
won’t show AFL in prime time in the north because of NRL commitments
and Packer’s reluctance to throw away ratings “for the good of the
game,” then the AFL would appear to be waving a white flag over making
further progress in those states.

Oz Open wildcards: Remember we said last week that you could
expect fading tennis stars to come hunting easy money and points
through Australian Open wildcards? Well, come on down, Monica Seles!
The 32-year-old former No. 1 has put her hand up, despite not playing
since 2003 because of foot problems. Lucky really that Australia’s
5th-best ranked women’s player, Evie Dominikovic, is believed to be
pregnant and won’t mind being edged out.