“Who do you think should win the Sexist Pollie Award, or the 2005
Conflict of Interest Award, or the Shock-Jock Moment of 2005?” we asked
yesterday. That’s Sexist Pollie, dear readers. S-e-x-i-s-t. Not sexiest. But that’s
what we’ve got nominations for.

Now, Robert Redford’s The Candidate
is a sadly ignored film, and particularly pertinent in these
spin-obsessed times. And the meditation on Margaret Thatcher’s ankle is
one of the best parts of
the Alan Clark diaries. But we didn’t ask for sexy pols. We asked for sexist politicians. That’s
what we want. And we’re going to throw a bucket of cold water over all
you people with s*x on the brain. That young MP is cute – but doesn’t dress that well. And
that senior statesperson buys cheap and nasty hairspray down at Coles
at Manuka.

Still, we’ve got to admit John Anderson does a damned good Cary Grant
(the BRG sixties Jag with the wire spoke wheels really tops off the
look). Sm-ooth!

Such a pity for us fellas that there’s no Eva Marie Saint in the Parliament to match.