Crikey editor Misha Ketchell writes:

“Who do you think should win the
Sexist Pollie Award, or the 2005 Conflict of Interest Award, or the Shock-Jock
Moment of 2005?”

These are the questions we put yesterday when we called for nominations for the 2005 Crikey Honour Roll but

The emails in since yesterday’s call for nominations for the 2005 Crikey Honour

Selected by a Crikey panel of experts in three categories, we’ll be
announcing 12 awards in each of three categories – politics, business and

The panels haven’t finalised their consultations yet, and they’d
really appreciate input from Crikey readers. W

Send comments or nominations for any of the following
awards to [email protected].

Media Tart of the

Blind Freddy –
quoted not less than 23 occasions by the Runner Up, Kevin

The Sexist Pollie Award – Kate Ellis

Troy Rollo – Dumbest Political Idea of the Year.. Gallipoli in
Victoria, with a notable mention for Bronnie for suggesting the banning
of headscarves.

Peter Walters

Family First’s Steve ‘I can’t be bought’ Fielding for nailing the lid
on the coffin of interesting and inclusive university campuses in
Australia. What the hell is threatening to families about
providing good services to students?


Elizabeth Langley

Definitely to Mike Smith
from IPR – for handling media relations for Steve Vizard this

Kate Legge’s article in
last weekend’s Australian Weekend Magazine actually portrayed SV as a bit of
victim of the nasty “medja”.

And ask just about anyone
who is not in media or business if they know what it was SV was fined for
and their answer is always /insider trading/something to do with Telstra/they
are not sure really – but they all manage to mention that SV didn’t actually
benefit financially from it.

How much more successful
can you get? It’s SO annoying.

Angela Munro
Ron Walker for Conflict of Int
award: chair of Fairfax (an inspired choice in Packer’s view asa cross media
changes approach) and former pres of Liberal Party

John Marion
Just one nomination for the roll. For the media tart award, it
would have to be Geoff Gallop. Everyone in the West knows that Good
News Geoff will only come out for the stories that reflect positively
on him and sends out a minsiter for the ones that don’t.


Sally Bondi
Danna Vale for the Gallipoli Theme Park. No Contest.

Andrew Birse
The Australian Politician of the Year – Barnaby Joyce

Anthony Leith
Dumbest Political Idea of the Year – My very own member for Hughes
Danna Vale and her suggestion that Mornington Peninsula be turned into
a Gallipoli style fun park.

David Stewart

Best current

ABC 7:30 Report wins hands down –
because it’s the only ‘in depth’ current affairs left in the

Shock Jock

Alan Jones – for triggering the race


Fed Liberal party for the last 10

Outstanding media practictioner of
the year – and best Blogger

Margot Kingston –

Newspaper of the year & editor
of the year

Crikey of

Gordon Mills:
Regarding the 2005 Crikey Honour Roll, there can only be one real contender for the Dumbest Political Idea of the Year:

Colin Barnett, during the 2005 WA state election, and his announcement
of a Canal from the Kimberleys …. managed by the OCD (Office of Canal
Development) – to be built at ANY cost to the WA taxpayer.


For Political Quote of
the Year I’d suggest Latham’s If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you


Wilson Tuckey, Liberal M.P. who earlier in the year said that young women are
‘dumb’ to get pregnant (this was in context to the abortion debate).

Dean Felton
Best political leak of
2005? And the award goes to…… David Broadbent, Nine Network, for “The
Victorian State Budget”!

John Wood
Can I
nominate Michael McKinnon, FOI Editor of The Oz. He has done a
fantastic job in the public interest to try and make FOI work. Well

Kathleen Swinbourne
sexiest pollie is – by far – John Faulkner! Intelligent, witty, not
intimidated by factional politics or having to toe a (bland) party
line, well dressed and very good looking. And he seems to have some
ethics! A rare quality I’m sure you’ll agree. Come to think of it – he
might even be the sexiest man in Australia. John Faulkner for PM!!!!!
Anybody else is a pretender.