The media is starting to fight back. Today’s Daily Telegraph began an anti-violence campaign, complete with authoritative “Stop The Violence” logo, online petition and even the odd good-news story.

But Seven’s Sunrise team went one better, going with the theme “Spread the Love.” And despite the kitschy theme, some of the stuff was really good – giving air-time to Islamic youth leaders is a good start. So was the child pychologist advising parents how to talk to children about what’s going on.

It compares well with the exploitative attitude of Nine’s Today show after September 11. Amongst the Alan Jones specials, the interview with Anthony Mundine stands out. The vaguely articulate boxer was goaded and goaded, and the interview was extended and extended way beyond the usual brief span allotted for guests until finally they got their money shot, and he said something that people could find shocking.

By comparison, on Seven this morning, people with English as their second language were met with respect and given time to clarify their thoughts. It was good television. No wonder they’re smashing Nine in the ratings

But “Spread the Love”? We know Mel & Koshy celebrate their dorkiness, but is that maybe a bridge too far?