Henry’s attention today has been
grabbed by some of the assertions of ACTU Secretary Greg Combet, which
eloquently make the case for how the Australian manufacturing sector might be
able to compete without playing the man (Henry’s interpretation of the views) on
IR reform, trade liberalisation and free trade, in today’s Age.

No sensible person could take issue
with the points raised by Mr Combet, and Henry will go on record with a robust
“hear hear” but adds a point or two of his own.

What is it that US,
UK and European Governments and
Industries know that their Australian counterparts don’t seem to? Increasing
expenditure on R&D in listed US companies is usually a pretty
reliable way of increasing the share price, but try doing that here. Telstra’s
decision to reorganise (read decimate) its R&D labs is a very recent case in

Perhaps the desired outcomes are
pretty obvious. What is less obvious – and this is where Henry suspects his
views differ from those of Mr Combet – is how to get from point A to the
various point Bs raised. Someone has to pay, says

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