Some more bad news for the self-flagellating Australian media, with Roy
Morgan’s annual media poll concluding that the Australian public views
the news media as money grubbing, greedy and often unreliable.

The Morgan Poll, which is
available here,
found 71% of people thought the media was more worried
about turning a profit than informing people, while 63% of people
thought newspaper journalists couldn’t be trusted to tell the truth,
57% of talk-back radio hosts were similarly untrustworthy, as were
53% of TV reporters.

The figures are hardly surprising, but they’re still bad news for a
media that’s spent the year trying to fight off cross media changes and
fighting for the right to access and publish information in the new war
on terror age. Pollster Gary Morgan wasn’t surprised by the findings,

“With the media constantly reporting on the financial performance and
profits of the media companies, it is hardly surprising that 71% of
Australians believe media organisations are more interested in making
money than in informing society,” Morgan said.

A slightly more worrying figure was that Australians turned to the
light political coverage offered by many of the free-to-air TV stations
for their political background and news analysis (41%), and only 27%
went to a newspaper, and 13% to their radio. More people are
turning to free-to-air television for opinion and
comment (28%) than the comment pages of daily newspapers (26%).

And although they may not particularly like us, 60% of the public think
that the media, overall, is a force for good in the world. Nice to know.