Could there be more violence coming to Sydney’s southern beaches? A bus
driver in south western Sydney told Crikey this morning that a
message has been scrawled onto the side of a block of units on
Canterbury Road near Greenacre warning “The War Has Just Begun.”

Meanwhile here are some of the incendiary text messages circulating among the rival groupings in Sydney this morning:

“Its bash an aussie day on Sunday again at north Cronulla
bring your mates and only wog boys lets show these f*cking skips how da
wogs do it.. Our folks copped it for all of there lives now it’s pay

“Everybody come down to Northies tonight so when these dirty leb
F*ckers come back we can smash the sh*t out of them. It’s all about
numbers so send this to every true Aussie mates you have. We need a
plain this is war.”

“All Aussies, Greeks, Italians, Asians….go to Cronulla this
Sunday again. F*ck the LEBS one more time and tell the government we say
NO 2 LEBS. Pass this SMS on”

It’s hard to tell whether or not any of these messages are a hoax,
but certainly some of the recipients are taking them seriously. The Australian
is also reporting that new text messages, including one declaring war
between Sydney’s Middle Eastern youths and Australians, are being

One congratulated Australians for the fight they put up against the
Lebanese, but called for more attacks. “We’ll show them! It’s on
again Sunday,” the message said. Another warned of retaliation from the
Middle Eastern groups.

“The Aussies will feel the full force of the Arabs as one –‘brothers in
arms’ unite now…”, the message said. Another called for “straight up

The Prime Minister has responded to news of the text messages this morning,
telling a doorstop at Kirribilli, “…in a situation like that you will
always get irresponsible people behaving in a very irresponsible
fashion. Now clearly it’s not in the country’s interest or the city’s
interest for that type of thing to occur.”

“And like every other person with any commonsense, I would earnestly
encourage and ask people not to take any notice of that sort of
nonsense. It’s not going to help anybody, certainly not the young
people of this beautiful city.”

And the Daily Tele is reporting that the New South Wales Parliament is
expected to be recalled to pass tough laws giving police greater powers to crack
down on rioters.

It’s understood a special Cabinet meeting will be held this afternoon, with
Parliament to be recalled by the end of the week to give police the tougher
powers. NSW Premier Morris Iemma said he would hold a press
conference at 1.30pm today.