Over three days starting next Monday, we’re publishing the 2005 Crikey
Honour Roll. Selected by a Crikey panel of experts in three categories,
we’ll be announcing 12 awards in each of three categories – politics,
business and media.

The panels haven’t finalised their
consultations yet, and they’d really appreciate input from Crikey readers. Who
do you think should win the Sexist Pollie Award, or the 2005 Conflict
of Interest Award, or the Shock-Jock Moment of 2005?

Send comments or nominations for any of the following awards to [email protected].


The Australian Politician of the Year
Backbencher of the Year
State Political Personage of the Year
Opposition Leader of the Year
Best Political Leak of 2005
Political Quote of the Year
Politician’s Blunder of the Year
Bunfight of the Year
Most Notable Legislation of 2005
The Sexist Pollie Award
Dumbest Political Idea of the Year
The Peter Beattie Media Tart Award


Company of the Year
Chairman of the Year
CEO of the Year
Disgraced Business Personality of the Year
The 2005 Conflict of Interest Award
Corporate Deal of the Year
Business Rort of the Year
The 2005 Corporate Governance Award (Not)
Business Blunder of the Year
Business Quote of 2005
Best Business Commentator
Son of Media Mogul Competency Award


The Outstanding Media Practitioner of 2005
Editor of the Year
Scoop of the Year
Best News/Current Affairs TV Program of the Year
Newspaper of the Year
Beat-up of the Year
Most Nauseating Moment in Chequebook Journalism
Shock-Jock Moment of 2005
Media Bunfight of the Year
Best Blogger of the Year
The Spin Award of 2005
Columnist of the Year