Friday is always a good time to sneak out dodgy news. This little gem
from Arts Minister Rod Kemp was snuck through the back door last
Friday. It appeared quietly on his site midweek, but doesn’t appear to
have been formally issued in hard copy. It certainly wasn’t boxed in
the press gallery.

Kemp might have been a little shy about his new appointment, but we’re
pleased to release it and announce that – in the interests of currying
favour with Malcolm Turnbull – his wife Lucy has been appointed to the
board of the National Portrait Gallery.

The news of Lucy’s new job hasn’t yet hit that other major news site,
Malcolm’s web page. Although the trusty Turnbull dogs, Rusty, JoJo and
Mellie, do rate a detailed analysis in their own blog,
and Turnbull is working very, very hard at patching up any differences
with the Treasurer. Note Turnbull in his latest blog entry on
Friday: “Peter made a very, very valid point amidst all the
rhetoric…” You can read all about it here.