No one is less surprised that Robert
Allenby was able to win an historic third successive Australian golf title
yesterday than Steve Bann. Bann, who coached Allenby for 18 years, believes
Allenby is as good as any other golfer in the world.

“He’s as skilful as anyone I’ve seen, Tiger
Woods included,” Bann told Crikey. “If he can carry this form and confidence
back to the States next year, he looks like he’s a step closer to doing well in
those big tournaments.”

“To be able to stand up like he did on the
first hole yesterday and make that putt, it’s the golf of someone who is very
clear in their mind and focused and knows what they’re doing.”

His recent results are a storming return to
form for Allenby. His world ranking had plummeted to 85, through a
combination of bad advice and not being settled in his private life, according to Bann. Now he’s
regained that balance, Bann says Allenby has achieved something very rare in
not only Australian golf, but world golf.

“It’s not uncommon to win twice in a row,
but three times is huge. He would have been physically and mentally exhausted
after two in a row. Then add the pressure and expectation of everybody saying
no one has ever won the three tournaments in a row. It’s an amazing achievement.”