Ah, the benefits of going where the big knobs hang out and encountering
all sorts of artistic Schieles. Currency Press and Umbrella
Entertainment have joined with Crikey to offer our readers the chance
to take part in a very nice class of cultural competition.

We have three Barry McKenzie packs to give away – copies of Tony Moore’s
The Barry McKenzie Movies, part of Currency Press’s Australian Screen
Classics series and DVDs of the superlative fillum Barry McKenzie Holds His Own, starring Barry Crocker, Barry Humphries, Clive James and Gough and Margaret Whitlam.

Want a nice night’s entertainment? How can these prizes be yours?
Simply complete the lyrics of this authentic Aboriginal work song:

I was down by Bondi Pier
Drinking tubes of ice cold beer
With a bucket full of prawns upon my knee
I’d barely finished the last prawn
When I had a technicolour yawn
And I…

a) Pulled my Speedos up my bum crack to look like a surf lifesaver in a William Yang photo;
b) Thought wistfully back to the good old days when
you’d see Tom and Nicole down at Hugo’s on Campbell Parade; or
c) Chundered in the old Pacific Sea.

Get your answer through to [email protected] by close of business
Friday afternoon to be in this competition that frankly makes me proud
to be an Australian. Three correct entries will be drawn from a Bazza-style hat.