In what has now clearly become the greatest exodus of journalistic
talent from any media organisation in Australian history, Crikey has
pieced together the latest information that has been flowing in over
the past 48 hours about the 65 redundancy packages that have been
finalised at The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age:

Sydney Morning Herald:

Mike Bowers, picture editor

Lee Glendinning, urban affairs reporter

Allan Kennedy, senior journalist (unconfirmed)

Joseph Kerr, political journalist

Colin Kruger, senior business writer

Anne Lampe, senior business writer

Lauren Martin, arts journalist

Roy Masters, sports writer (unconfirmed)

Margot Saville, senior business writer

Mike Seccombe, senior political commentator

The Age:

Greg Baum, award-winning sports writer

Pamela Bone, associate editor and award winning columnist (unconfirmed)

Peter Ellingsen, Walkley award winner, former Graham Perkin Journalist of the Year, and Sunday Age senior writer

Alice Ghent, sections editor

Charles Happell, former sports editor

Peter Krien, veteran night editor

Gary Hughes, triple Walkley award winning investigations editor

Melissa Marino, primary industry reporter

Claire Miller, Sunday Age senior writer

Kylie Miller, television writer

Tom Noble, award winning health editor

Moira O’Brien-Malone, Sunday Age property editor

Paul Robinson, Walkley award winning industrial editor

John Schauble, editorial writer and former China correspondent

CRIKEY: Readers of those newspapers needn’t worry, though. As the new Fairfax CEO David Kirk pointed out to staff at The Fin Review recently: “A lot of factors determine the quality of a newspaper, but the number of journalists is not one of them.”