An anonymous ABC staffer writes:

As reported yesterday, ABC staff may have all
received a $25 voucher to spend at ABC shops as a Christmas gesture,
but the Corporation’s largess doesn’t extend to paying for a staff
knees-up. See this classic killjoy memo doing the rounds at the Ultimo
HQ with catch-phrases such as “cross-divisional,” “celebration and
socialisation,” reference to the ABC’s “Functions Policy” and the
behaviour reminder at the bottom:

Dear Sydney ABC Colleagues,

A cross divisional group
is organising an all staff Christmas and End of Year celebration as a
way of acknowledging the significant efforts we have all made towards
another successful year for the ABC.

You are invited to come and celebrate with us.

having an all staff party in Ultimo we are offering the opportunity for
our large ABC community to come together in celebration and
socialisation. This is a cross divisional party and is intended to
allow us all to meet and mix with the many people who work in the
Sydney buildings and will be held in the Harris Street Atrium and Dot
Strong Terrace, ABC Ultimo. For your diary it is to be held on Friday
16th December from 4.30pm till late in the evening.

accordance with the ABC’s Functions Policy where “it is expected that
all participating staff will make a financial contribution to the cost
of seasonal/end of year functions” there will be a cost of $15 per head
which will cover some very good food, drinks, soft drinks and tea and
coffee. Staff who would like to attend will be asked to make their
contributions by way of a one off pay roll deduction of $15 and a
notice will come to you shortly about how you can make this
contribution. Staff who have paid will be issued with an official name
tag and entry ticket prior to the event to show that you have paid and
give you access to the food, drink and entertainment on the evening.

will include a great band, some staged activities including some of the
ABC’s own terrific talent, karaoke, dancing for the brave and good old
fashioned socialisation.

This is a great opportunity for us all to come together and celebrate and I hope as many as possible will be able to attend.

Mike McCluskey
State Representative NSW

PS a Reminder that the ABC is a smoke free environment and is committed to
responsible alcohol consumption. Alcohol, drug, smoking harassment,
discrimination and occupational health policies can all be found at Intranet
sites through the links below.