Despite the majority of Australians (69%) being opposed to the
death penalty for those convicted of murder, a majority – 52%, up 5% – now agree that the death
sentence should have been imposed on convicted drug smuggler Van Nguyen, according to pollster Gary Morgan.

Speaking after an Australia-wide poll of 658 people conducted yesterday
and Wednesday night Morgan said many respondents reasoned that “the law
is the law” while others had less sympathy for drug traffickers because
their actions can ultimately kill young Australians. A similar
proportion (54%) think that if the “Bali 9” are convicted and the death
sentence imposed, it should be carried out.
Australians are even less forgiving
when it comes to Bali bomber Amrozi and former Iraqi dictator Saddam
Hussein – 77%
think the death penalty should be carried out on Amrozi, and on
Saddam Hussein if he is found
guilty of human rights

Read the full report on the Roy Morgan website here.