“I have said on many, many occasions that I will be a candidate for the
leadership if there is a vacancy, but there is no vacancy,” Mr Costello said in
a radio interview. Laura Tingle sums up here.

Michelle Grattan says this is a “major backward step”
while Mark Metherell spoke of “leadership on ice.”

The Treasurer had no alternative is Henry’s view. The PM is
currently unbeatable, while the Treasurer has just had the worst two
weeks of his career. Remember that Menzies retired at age 73, and there
were serious doubts about Harold Holt who finally prevailed as others
fell by the wayside. Good discussion in The Oz.

No-one should forget “It’s the economy stupid.” Exports have to come good
pretty fast, and wages need to remain contained or the Liberal leadership will
be a poisoned chalice. Alex Erskine sums up the worrying national accounts.
He reveals the largest source of growth, and you will be surprised by the

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