Thanks to the lads at the RiotACT website for drawing our attention to the announcement
of the winner of the 2005 Housing ACT Tenant of the Year and the 2005
Housing ACT Gardening competition, announced yesterday by ACT Minister
for Disability, Housing and Community Services, John Hargreaves.

But where’s the acknowledgement for Canberra’s most high-profile public housing tenant?

As the RiotACT says, “There was great anticipation and expectation that
the inaugural ACT Tennant Freeloader of the Year may have been awarded
to fellow MLA Deb Foskey. Unfortunately it appears that Ms. Foskey
missed out this year and can continue to sleep soundly in the knowledge
that she continues to block (by insisting that she will remain living
in a ACT Housing property instead of renting on the open market) those
genuinely needier and on a fraction of her income, access to Government