In Tasmania, a man whose complaint
against a publication was rejected by the Press Council decided to take
out his anger directly on the staff of Queenstown’s Mountain Scene
weekly newspaper. Editor Garry Ferris told Diary the man ran into the
magazine’s office on Monday and attacked editor-at-large Philip
Chandler, leaving him bleeding profusely. “The man had to be
overpowered by four other male staffers from the paper,” Ferris said.
“He was held down until four police arrived a few minutes later.” As
he was being held, the man told Mountain Scene staff he’d “hunt them
down”. Chandler was taken to Queenstown’s Lakes District Hospital,
where he received stitches for two deep cuts to his head and treatment
for swelling and bruising to his face. For legal reasons the assailant
can’t be named.

From Tuesday’s Southland Times, New Zealand:

identity and newspaper editor Philip “Scoop” Chandler was attacked
yesterday by a man who had to be overpowered by his workmates, police
said. Mr Chandler, 46, is the editor-at-large of Queenstown’s Mountain
Scene weekly tabloid newspaper. Paper editor Garry Ferris said the man
had “run amok” in the offices before the assault, yelling at staff. He
threw Mr Chandler to the ground, repeatedly punching and kicking him,
leaving him “bleeding profusely”, Mr Ferris said. Four staff members
held the man until police arrived. Mr Chandler was stitched in the
Lakes District Hospital for two deep cuts. Mr Ferris said Mr Chandler
was shaken but was resting at home and would return to work this week.
The man was upset at a story Mr Chandler had written last year.