Mark Latham got it right when he described Bob Hawke as being “too money focused for my liking.” Hawkie’s standards have been lowered once again with the latest Cascade television advertisement where he provides voiceover services to talk about the beer maker’s history.

It’s been a while since we’ve dusted this one off, but the former PM certainly deserves to be on our inappropriate endorsements list – which includes the following luminaries:

Ron Barrassi: Le Pine funeral home.
Wayne Carey: gave character evidence at trial of violent criminal Jason Moran.
Mikhail Gorbachev: Pizza Hut
John Gorton: Claytons (Australia’s most celebrated drunken PM endorsing a non-alcoholic drink)
Michael Jordan: did ads for Presidential wannabe Bill Bradley.
Jeff Kennett: Singapore Tourism Board
Felicity Kennett: BMW
Wally Lewis: “Hair in a can”
Greg Matthews, Graham Gooch and Ronnie Biggs: Advanced Hair
Elle McPherson: KFC
Sam Newman: period pain product
Pele: Viagra
Bruce Ruxton: Rice
Gary Sweet: impotence drug Levitra
Shane Warne: Nicorettes and Advanced Hair
Mark Waugh: Nizorel dandruff shampoo
Gough Whitlam: Pasta Sauce

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