Misha Ketchell writes:

Amanda Meade’s Diary column in the Oz today listed some of the legendary SMH
journalists who’ve put up their hand for one of Fairfax’s juicy
redundancy payouts, including political commentator Alan Ramsey,
gallery journo Mike Seccombe, picture editor Mike Bowers and star
writers Anne Lampe and Margo Saville.

At the Melbourne Age staff were told today that 36
applications for the packages have been accepted and 17 people have
been told they’re too valuable to the company to be allowed to mosey
off into the sunset. There are plenty of names being bandied about for
the dearly departed list but none are confirmed yet and we should know
all by tomorrow or Monday.

According to one reliable snout,many of the senior staffers who
were told they’ve got to stay are pretty p*ssed-off – especially as some of them were told at salary review time that they were
only average performers.

Meanwhile an announcement on the new editor of the Sunday Age is
also expected soon – possibly before the end of this week. Newsroom
gossip has it that the original short-list – comprising Age deputy editor Simon Mann, former Europe correspondent Peter Fray, senior sections editor Paul Ramadge and Insight editor Gay Alcorn – has been whittled down to just two, Alcorn and Fray.

But these rumours have been wildly off-beam in the past so it’s got to be a case of wait and see.