The Gerard affair has created the perfect excuse for Crikey to indulge in one of our
favourite activities – creating a list. This time we’re comparing
political appointments to key
Australian organisations by the Coalition and the ALP. The Howard era’s
proved pretty easy, but going back as far as the Hawke/Keating era
proved trickier. We’ve made a start, but if you can fill in the gaps, contact [email protected]

Howard Era board appointments (1996- )

Janet Albrechtsen, conservative columnist and Coalition supporter, board member 2005 –
Ross McLean, Former Liberal member for
Perth, board member 1997 –
Michael Kroger, former President of Victorian Liberal Party, board member 1998 -2003
David Flint, Howard friend and former Sydney University classmate,
active member of the Liberal Party in 2004, board member 1997-2004
Donald MacDonald, Coalition supporter and close friend ofJohn Howard, ABC board chairman 1996 –
Jonathan Shier, one time president Victorian Young Liberals and federal
Liberal ministerial adviser, ABC managing director 2000-2001
Ron Brunton, former senior research fellow at the conservative Institute of Public Affairs, conservative columnists for Courier Mail newspaper, board member 2003.

Rob Gerard, major Liberal Party donor, board member 2003-2005
Donald McGauchie, National Party friend,
former National Farmers Federation chairman, government-appointed
director to Telstra
Ken Henry, secretary to the treasury, Costello’s man, 2001-
Hugh Morgan, Liberal appointment, former chief of WMC Resources 1996- (also 1981-1984)
Lynch, former Liberal Treasurer, appointed by Howard when he was Treasurer in the Fraser government, 1983-1984

Christopher Pearson, Appointed to the SBS board, (Former Howard
speechwriter), 2003 –
Carla Zampatti, Chair SBS (friend and wife of
John Spender), 1999 –

National Museum (opened in 2001)
David Barnett,
National Museum Board (friend, biographer and husband of Goward), 1999 –

Tony Staley, New National Museum
Chair September 23 (friend and Liberal Chairman), 1999 –
Christopher Pearson, Council of the National
Museum of Australia, (Former speechwriter for Howard), 1999 –

Australia Council
Christopher Pearson, Australia Council Board, (Former speechwriter for Howard),
1997 –
Nicola Downer, community interest representative, Australia Council Board, (Wife of Alexander Downer), 2003 –
(also chair of Country Arts South Australia from 1999-2004 and president of Regional
Arts South Australia until June 2004.)

National Gallery

Hawke/Keating Era (1983-1996)


Bob Hawke, board member, 23rd prime minister of Australia, appointed by Gough Whitlam, 1973-1980

Fitzgibbon, former general secretary of the Waterside Workers’ Federation, an
executive member of the ALP, the Australian Council
of Trade Unions and the International Transport Workers’ Federation, 1983-1988
Abeles, board member, Bob Hawke called him his “best friend,” 1984-1989

Former ACTU secretary Bill Kelty, board member, 1987-1996
Solomon Lew, board member, friend of Kelty, 1992-1997


John Bannon, former South Australian Premier, 1995
David Hill, Chairman, ran for Labor Party, 1986-1986


Australia Council

National Museum

National Gallery