Only months after she parted ways with The Sydney Morning Herald, Margo Kingston is closing her blog, Webdiary. Visitors to the site are greeted this morning with the solemn message that “Webdiary will close at midnight tonight.”

And it seems the blog-journalism pioneer is hanging up her keyboard. “I couldn’t get funding in time to stop me going broke,”
writes Kingston and “certain events have proved to me that my skin is
not thick enough
to survive in this game.”

But like all good action movies, there is the tease of a sequel possibility: “If anyone would like to continue
Webdiary in some form, please contact Hamish…”

Back in September, when asked how she’d cope flying solo, without the SMH‘s financial backing, Kingston told the ABC‘s Richard Aedy, “I have no idea.” But she claimed she’d stick it out for at least a year. “I can manage myself by
selling assets in that year, so I’m putting off exactly how the money
will work, because I want it to be right,” she said.

We rang Margo to ask her about the change of heart but she didn’t feel ready to speak about the matter, although she
is actively responding to readers’ reactions on her site.