Christian Kerr writes:

The anti-terror laws passed the
Senate last night. What do they mean? Well, Labor’s John Faulkner said
all you need to know late on Monday night in the adjournment debate:

This afternoon the government used their Senate majority to
block debate on the second reading of the Anti-Terrorism Bill (No. 2)
2005. It is chillingly ironic that the anti-terrorism bill, with its
potential to infringe the freedom of speech of many in our community,
is itself the subject of a gag. It was legislation that ought to have
been exposed to proper scrutiny. These are bad laws written for bad
reasons. The government acknowledge that these laws are flawed. They
have admitted that they need to be reviewed. But, rather than allow
proper legislative process with adequate scrutiny and amendments, the
government propose passing the laws first and fixing them later. A
responsible government one might think would get the laws right before
they got them passed. A responsible government might try to fix the
problems in the laws before innocent people’s rights and liberties are
unnecessarily infringed…

That’s just warming up. The full speech is on p129 of Monday’s Senate Hansard.