Michael Pascoe writes:

Macquarie Banker Bob Carr yesterday showed how attack remains the best means of defence, while displaying what a weak mob the NSW Liberal Party remains.

In the art they perfected of bullying and browbeating inferior minds, Carr and former Treasurer Michael Egan claimed the Cross City Tunnel was a triumph – but they certainly didn’t convince the Daily Telegraph which found their testimony an act of contempt for motorists.

Carr describing himself as a “journalist” was one laugh, while Egan claimed to be a fisherman. I trust he has a licence.

The tunnel operators meanwhile are feeling the heat, holding out the possibility of reversing some of the M. Mouse street closures without penalty. The NSW Government is already bumbling around the opportunity, Morrie Iemma instead pleading for lower tolls. And no doubt a turkey on every plate for Christmas, no child living in poverty and pie in the sky when we die.

The tunnel offer throws some of the pressure back on the Government. The simple idea of an East-West tunnel under the city is indeed a good one – an obvious by-pass. The troubles come from the stuffing around at either side with traffic trying to get into and out of the edges of the city.

The apparent offering by the tunnel owners will test both the ability and philosophy of the Government – and potentially expose what they really want to achieve.