The best thing you can say about Sydney’s new DMG adult station Vega is that it finally registered with Sydney radio listeners in the final survey for 2006.

Figures out this morning showed that Vega picked up a share of just 1.8% – not as much as hoped by management, but better than not being noticed at all.

You could say that Vega is the radio equivalent of SBS. Angela Catterns on breakfast had a share of 2.4 and the other high profile signing, Wendy Harmer, in mornings, 2.1. The Tony Squires/Rebecca Wilson pairing had a drive share of 1.6%.

At that rate none of the shifts will threaten market leadership, but they’re already making life tougher for the ABC (which isn’t supposed to worry about ratings) and 2UE, down to a share of 8.0 from 8.9, with Mike Carlton in breakfast falling from to 7.2 from 8.2.

The ABC’s 702 saw its share edge a touch higher to 8.3 from 8.2, which is where it fell sharply in the last ratings survey because of the loss of Angela Catterns and instability in her replacements and in the Morning shift.

ABC breakfast, to be taken over by Adam Spencer from next February, saw a further decline to 9.7 from 10.1, while mornings, where Virginia Trioli took over during the survey, saw an increase to 6.9 from 6.5. Richard Glover in Drive and James Valentine in afternoons both recovered the losses experienced in survey 7.

Merrick and Rosso, the breakfast pair for DMG’s other station, Nova, saw a solid recovery in their share to 9.9 from 8.6. Nova’s overall share rose to 8.6 from 7.7.

But the big winner once again was 2GB, where Al Jones reigns supreme in mornings. His share jumped to 17.3 from 16.5 while 2GB’s share jumped to 12.7 from 12.5. 2GB’s share is now the highest for more than a year.

That’s good news for Macquarie Radio, which owns 2GB and 2CH (which also had a good survey and year), and not such good news for Southern Cross Broadcasting which owns 2UE.