Members of the House of Representatives most blatantly appearing to use
Question Time to get through the arduous task of signing all
their Christmas cards yesterday included (in alphabetical order):

  • Michael Danby, Labor, Melbourne Ports, Victoria (Hanukkah greetings, too, in Melbourne Ports – he’s busy)
  • Luke Hartsuyker, Nationals, Cowper, NSW
  • Kay Hull, Nationals, Riverina, NSW
  • Michael Keenan, Liberal, Stirling, WA
  • Catherine King, Labor, Ballarat, Victoria
  • Sussan Ley, Liberal, Farrer, NSW
  • Chris Pyne, Liberal, Sturt, SA
  • Bernie Ripoll, Labor, Oxley, Queensland
  • Rod Sawford, Labor, Port Adelaide, SA

Seasons greetings to you all, ladies and gentlemen.