According to a Crikey informant, the following message was sent by Telstra’s Group HR to managers last week:

I am writing to advise a change to the practice of presenting retirement medallions and gift vouchers. Employees who exit the
by way of redundancy have in the past received a retirement medallion
and voucher in recognition of their service. A decision has been made
that the retirement medallion and voucher will be provided to employees
in recognition of age retirement only and that these items will no
longer be provided to staff exited via redundancy.

Please cascade to HR Managers and LOBs as appropriate.

Our informant adds:

As you can imagine, staff, already fearful that their redundancy
entitlements may be changed, are far from impressed. One can only
speculate where this directive originated.

I have also heard
that the network is to be locked down (as in secured against any
changes being made) prior to the current round of sackings. Presumably
management are fearful of disgruntled employees causing trouble.