The judges have spoken – and unanimously awarded the prestigious trophy
for Gag of the Day to Kim Beazley for this point of order yesterday:

Mr BEAZLEY (3.13 pm)—My question is to the Treasurer and
follows the previous one concerning the Prime Minister’s answers on the
ABC program yesterday. Does the Treasurer share the view of one of his
colleagues who told Glenn Milne: It was one of the slickest pieces of
“I’ll drop you right in it” I’ve ever seen.

The SPEAKER—Order! The Leader of the opposition would be aware that a
minister is not required to comment on a colleague’s comments. He might
choose to rephrase that question.

Ms Gillard—I rise on a point of order, Mr Speaker. The question
directly relates to the answer the Treasurer just gave in his capacity
as Treasurer in question time.

The SPEAKER—I respond to the Manager of Opposition Business by saying
that the Treasurer may respond to the question but he is not obliged to
respond to a colleague’s comments.

Mr COSTELLO—Unfortunately, amongst all of the duties I have, writing
Glenn Milne’s columns is not one of them. I regret that very deeply

Mr Beazley—On a point of order, Mr Speaker: is it in order to mislead the House?

The SPEAKER—The Leader of the Opposition will resume his seat. That is not a point of order.

Mr COSTELLO—If I were, I could assure readers of the Australian it would be a far better column.