Sam Chisholm is scheduled to arrive in London tomorrow – the scene of his greatest triumph and his biggest fall when he left the financially embracing employment of Rupert Murdoch at BSkyB and returned to Australia. Richer in pocket for the experience – estimates start at $50-60 million and are confirmed in this profile from yesterday’s Independentin London – but poorer in health.

“How about a helicopter ride before lunch?” suggests Chisholm to the Independent‘s Raymond Snoddy and it’s off on the Nine news helicopter around Sydney Harbour and out for a swoop over the luxury marinas of the exclusive Sydney suburb of Palm Beach.

“Chisholm then settles down to the prospect of a long lunch in the boardroom with a few words of preliminary advice on money,” writes Snoddy. “Chisholm, who cleared more than 25m pounds from his days as a broadcasting executive in Britain, has a theory. ‘The ideal is to make your money in the northern hemisphere and you spend it in the southern hemisphere,’ says Chisholm. He has taken his own advice and his Australian assets include a cattle ranch the size of a small country not far from the family homestead of his old boss Rupert Murdoch, and a home in Palm Beach.”

There’s no mention of the voluntary redundancies being sought at the moment, or that Chisholm and Nine’s chief operating officer Ian Audsley are travelling for discussions with bureau staff in London and Los Angeles and meetings with producers and film studios to discuss Nine’s fleet of expensive output deals due to be slashed.