is probably another of those little bits of trivia you get but at the Dark
Horizons website is an interview with the director of Wolf Creek where he
comments on the current case against Bradley Murdoch and doesn’t use the word
‘allegedly’ anywhere. See here:

Greg McLean: I wrote the original story five, six years ago and it was pretty much a standard horror
thriller set in the Outback. Then over the years I heard about a couple
of true cases that happened in Australia, one of them being the Ivan
Milat case which is about a serial killer who would pick up hitchhikers
on lonely highways and take them out into the woods and do horrific
things to them. That case was influential in many ways because is had
all of these elements that were so terrifying and scarier than anything
I could possibly come up with. So that case influenced the Mick Taylor
character a lot in terms of what he did, what his background was, mode
of operation. Then more recently there was the Bradley Murdoch case
taking place right now, again, a very similar character who lived in
West Australia patrolling these lonely highways looking for victims who
pulled over this car with two British backpackers in it and shot the
guy and tried to abduct the woman, Joanne Lees. They just had all of
these similarities and had all of these incredibly bad intentions. When
people would meet him he’d be the nicest guy in the world because he
had to be nice enough to get them to come with him in the first place.
So that was the key quality that I took from those true cases.
other details too that are a blend of those cases. I also tried to
blend clichés and icons from Australia – the Steve Irwin or Mick Dundee
character, all of these big broad Australian characters recognizable in
the States.